The Importance of Choosing the Right Roofers in Conway, SC

To roofers, Conway, South Carolina isn’t like everywhere else. It’s only 14 miles from the coast and coastal Carolina weather is notorious the world over, as illustrated by the tribulations of sea traders plying the waters off the Carolinas, since the 1500’s. Shifting sandbanks, unpredictable, strong winds and heavy downpours disrupted shipping in the area that soon came to be known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic.  In fact, more than 5,000 ships have sunk in the region since record-keeping began in 1526.  But not every roofer in Conway SC appreciates the severe weather events that can strike here and wreak havoc on residential and commercial roofing. Maranatha is always prepared for the sudden storms that impact our community and, like any superior roofer in Conway SC, we’re going to drop everything to come to the aid of property owners hit hard by winds and rain brought on by ominous coastal squalls to destructive hurricanes that can strike from any direction. Our appreciation of both the beauty of the sea and the weather threats it can pose is symbolized in our logo – an anchor!  When the storms of coastal Carolina come our way, we will be your anchor to keep your shelter firmly secure.

There are over 200 roofing contractors in South Carolina who are recognized by the Better Business Bureau, but that doesn’t always mean they all know what they’re doing nor whether or not they are staffed and equipped to respond to the needs of property owners in our area.

Maranatha’s roofer knows Conway, SC like few others do. We’ve been through the storms here and know how to operate in every unique situation.  When a roof needs to be fixed, it needs attention immediately or moisture intrusion can incur and quickly worsen, destroying material and valuable possessions inside a home or building.

Among roofers in Conway SC, no one exceeds Maranatha in its ability to respond rapidly to complete a property owner’s needed repairs and assist them with the insurance claims process necessary when filing a claim.  Residents of Conway and the surrounding communities can also count on Maranatha for fair, accurate, and detailed estimates, too.

Home of the University of Coastal Carolina and its NCAA football division 1 emerging powerhouse, the UCC Chanticleers, Conway, South Carolina is a proud place to call home. Residents here are honest, hard working Carolinians, as well as, many welcome newcomers who strive to keep their homes safe from the fluctuating climate and conditions of the area.

Pushed by trade winds, the 60-mile wide Gulf Stream rolls northward from the Florida coast and gathers steam as it skirts Georgia and comes to South Carolina – a swiftly moving volume of water 6,000 times greater than the Mississippi River!  While this massive warm water flow is not itself a factor to roofers in Conway, SC nor is it the single cause of weather disturbance that can worry homeowners, the Gulf Stream can nevertheless generate effects on the surface of the sea that can feed weather-related problems. The Conway, South Carolina area, which is only about 15 miles northwest of famous Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has seen its share of hurricanes with Hurricane Irene one of the recent big hits in this region ten years ago.  Whenever extreme weather arises, that’s when roofers who arecaring and conscientious also rise to fill the needs of residents as quickly as possible – that’s when the capable team at Maranatha shines.

In Conway, SC, throughout Horry County and the coastal Carolina vicinity, Maranatha is the roofing company to look to. We are ready for whatever comes your way. It doesn’t have to be a severe storm that rips your roof off your house or building… We’re here to evaluate your roof repair or replacement needs no matter what causes the damage.