Our Higher Inspiration Starts on Your Roof

If you’re looking for a roofing company that will work hard to earn your trust and prove they are the right fit, look no further than Maranatha Roofing. We know how important it is when choosing roofers in Conway because satisfaction depends on us delivering superior products at competitive prices with top-quality service!

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Our Company’s Owner is on Each Job Site

Our family owned and operated company employs a small, trusted team and our owner is on every job site to ensure everything goes smoothly. We'll even follow up with you after installation to make sure you're satisfied. 

Call us today at 843-957-4040 to set up an appointment with our local roofer. We're also bilingual to avoid miscommunication.

Have Faith in Our Work - Maranatha Roofing

At Maranatha Roofing, we believe that your satisfaction depends on delivering superior products and workmanship at a fair price. That’s what sets us apart from other roofers in Conway! We never cut corners when it comes to quality or cost because our reputation is built on doing the right thing for our clients. 

When you connect with Maranatha Roofing you’ll get to know our careful process and quality assurance standards.

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  • We’ll explain the process from the time our first piece of equipment arrives on your property, to the steps we take to protect your landscaping, outdoor furniture and other valuable objects.

  • When we perform the tear-off of your old roof, we'll inspect your roof decking and advise you on any problems, such as moisture-damaged wood framing. And we’ll fix whatever is needed.

  • Our underlayment application process begins with installing a layer of our high quality ice & water shield, following all South Carolina code requirements.

  • We replace the drip edge, attic vents, and pipe boots with new, durable parts and materials.

  • Maranatha then puts starter strips on eaves, gables and rakes to ensure effective water-shedding.

  • The best part comes when we put down your beautiful new shingles, carefully picked out based on input from you, your desired budget and advice we can provide on what’s best for your property.

  • On the ridge lines atop your roof, we install ridge vents and ridge caps to make your entire roof system perform efficiently as the seasons in the south east fluctuate from very hot to very cold.

  • A job done right involves thorough clean-up of your property when all is done. Maranatha hauls away all debris and rolls your yard and driveway to eliminate stray nails and metal fragments left after the installation process

  • To make sure you are fully satisfied with the job we do, Maranatha performs a final inspection with you.


When you need advice, inspection, repair or replacement for your roof, Maranatha hops right to it with same-day phone consultation. Without delay, Maranatha will schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you. Let’s get started!