5 Signs That You Need a Shingle Replacement

What we look for during a roof inspection

It’s inevitable that eventually you’ll need a shingle replacement for your property. Whether it’s from old age or a storm, your shingles start to show signs of wear and tear that can lead to more significant damages to your home. 

Here are 5 signs that you need a shingle replacement sooner rather than later. 

  1. Aging Shingles:

Just like anything else, your roof ages over time. There are many signs that your shingles are older, thus making them less likely to protect your home. If you start to see cracking or broken shingles, or even ones that are curled up on the ends, these are big signs that your roof has outlived its lifespan. Aged shingles can also look dull in color and worn out from the years of wear and tear. 

  1. Missing Shingles:

This is a very important sign that you need a shingle replacement as soon as possible. Shingles that are damaged from age or from a previous storm are more likely to be blown off by harsh winds. Missing shingles leaves your roof structure vulnerable for water. Once water has a way of penetrating your roof’s surface, serious damages can start to occur such as leaking, structural damages and mold growth. It only takes one missing shingle to compromise the integrity of your roof. 

  1. Exposed Roofing Nails:

If you see exposed roofing nails, it’s time to call us for an inspection. If a shingle roof is installed properly, no nailheads should be visible. Once these roofing nails start to become exposed to the elements, they become rusty and less likely to protect your home from water damages. 

  1. Missing Granules:

Granules are an important component to your shingle composition. They help protect your home from the elements and even increase fire resistance. Once these granules start to loosen and deteriorate from age or weather conditions, your home becomes more exposed to potential damages. 

  1. Water Leakage:

This is the most noticeable sign for homeowners because it can affect day-to-day life. When you have a water leak coming from your roof, it’s most definitely a sign that you have damages and need a shingle replacement. A water leak not only brings water into your home, but when it’s not taken care of quickly can lead to structural damage to your home’s skeleton, and mold or mildew build up. Either way, a water leak can be super dangerous for homeowners and it’s important to get your roof fixed.

We offer free roof inspections, so if you think you see any of these signs, give us a call. It might be time for a shingle replacement. You can trust in us to take care of your roofing problems quickly before more damages can occur.

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